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Guacamole Upgrade

The following script will upgrade Guacamole from 0.9.11 to 0.9.12

SERVER=$(curl -s '' | jq --raw-output '.preferred')

# stop tomcat
service tomcat8 stop

# Download, build, and install server
wget ${SERVER}/incubator/guacamole/${VERSION}-incubating/source/guacamole-server-${VERSION}-incubating.tar.gz
tar -xzf guacamole-server-${VERSION}-incubating.tar.gz
cd guacamole-server-${VERSION}-incubating
./configure --with-init-dir=/etc/init.d
make install
systemctl enable guacd
cd ..

# Download the client and replace the old client
wget ${SERVER}/incubator/guacamole/${VERSION}-incubating/binary/guacamole-${VERSION}-incubating.war
mv guacamole-${VERSION}-incubating.war /etc/guacamole/guacamole.war

# Download the SQL component, and upgrade SQL
wget ${SERVER}/incubator/guacamole/${VERSION}-incubating/binary/guacamole-auth-jdbc-${VERSION}-incubating.tar.gz
tar -xzf guacamole-auth-jdbc-${VERSION}-incubating.tar.gz
cp guacamole-auth-jdbc-${VERSION}-incubating/mysql/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql-${VERSION}-incubating.jar /etc/guacamole/extensions/

# Start tomcat8 and remove downloads
service tomcat8 start
rm -rf guacamole*

0.9.12 does not require any schema upgrades from 0.9.11, but I’m leaving the below steps included in this blog post for future update simplicity. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RUN THE BELOW STEPS IF YOU’RE ALREADY ON 0.9.11.

However, if you’re coming from pre-0.9.11 then you’ll want to run them…

I hope you remember your MySQL root password because you need it to run the final upgrade command:

mysql -u root -p guacamole_db < guacamole-auth-jdbc-${VERSION}-incubating/mysql/schema/upgrade/upgrade-pre-0.9.11.sql
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  1. Thanks that made an upgrade easy that I was not to sure about.

  2. Worked the first time (first time I remembered the mysql password that is). Great work!

  3. Yet another streamlined upgrade process. This is what tech blogs are all about. Thanks for shortening outage windows!

    One question though… Is there a way to check the running Guacamole version? I want to confirm the upgrade indeed worked.

    • When you go to your Guacamole landing page look on the bottom right. In a very small green box you’ll see your version number.

  4. Brian Brian

    Worked fine on my Ubuntu 16.04 container. Thanks!

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